Friday, September 12, 2008

Nocturnal Emissions

After our cat Henry's operation, his bowel movements were very ... smooth to say the least. Believe it or not, wiping his rear after running him down was no picnic—not up there on my list of life's pleasures. But at least he was able to go again. And boy did he ever.

In the morning. In the evening. Aint we got runs.

But nothing was ever as disturbing as the middle of the night....

Nestled deep within our comfy bed
A pillow cool beneath the head
On top, a downy soft duvet
To keep Jack Frost's touch at bay

Outside, a winter's wonderland.
Fresh snow has blanketed the land
And made us feel so comfy coze
Free to go enjoy the doze

But suddenly a sound so wet
Came from our sweet and gassy pet
His litter box 10 feet away
There's not much time to save the day

Awake now from a soothing dream
By a smell so rank it'd make you scream
A stench so foul—completely spoiled
You, yourself, would feel quite soiled

A squish A squirt A plop A ploop
Came our Henry's runny poop
He darts. I chase. Again, a fight
And this is how I spend each night

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Anonymous said...

The dust bunnies are extraordinary usually they are fuzzy nondescript entities yours are different. They are real, really real! They are so cute i want to put them in my warren. But....Warren feels he is filled with enough fuzzy things...