Saturday, September 6, 2008


Many summers ago, my brother Chris got a job at Disney MGM—in the Disney College Program—where he was required to wear a big orange jumpsuit and show up in it when reporting to duty. Unfortunately for Chris, Disney-employee-living quarters were situated on the opposite side of the park that he worked in. This meant having to fight his way through the masses in order to get there on time. And as luck would have it, Chris would be stopped by tourist after tourist asking him directions—inevitably causing him to be late.

But Chris found a way to beat them. He ran.

As fast as he could!
Through Disney!
In the Florida heat!

Who knows how many anxious visitors witnessed this orange polyester blur streaking through the park, colliding with characters, knocking over knick knacks, and kicking at King Kones—oblivious to the multitude of young fans screaming, "It's Winnie the Pooh! Winniiiiiiiiie!!! Winnie Waaaaaait!" as the cameras of the many, mustachioed international sight-seeers click click clicked away in hopes of getting a snapshot of the portly, honey-loving bear they so loved.

Imagine the surprise when they got home and developed their film...


Frannie said...

I love that story.

JIMBO said...


Thanks for visiting. Thanks for the kind comments. And thanks for doing so on a weekend.

Where's this hurricane I've been hearing about?