Sunday, September 7, 2008

Chris and Ruth

Lyn and I like a cool room—so we keep the temperature lower than most people. But my brother Chris and his wife Ruth are like polar bears. They like their house COLD. Meat-locker cold. Morgue cold. Reagan's room from "The Exorcist" cold. But if you comment on it, they'll blame each other. Just check out the transcript below from a recent conversation:

ME: Are you guys insane? It's freezing in here!
CHRIS: It's her.
RUTH: It's him.

Okay, you got me ... that's not a real transcript—but the encounters usually go something like that. And as for who is to blame, well I can tell you right now, it's the both of them. And here's why:

One night many years ago, we stayed over their apartment.... The A/C was on. The windows were open. There was snow on the ground—What? Why was their snow on the ground, you ask? Because it was THE MIDDLE OF FEBRUARY. IN MASSACHUSETTS!!!

(Click the pic for tundriffic view)

Meanwhile back in THEIR room...

Yes, that's Ruth on Chris's left. Her penchant for polar temps, along with her glacial glare, inspired me to sketch her likeness in the form of a snowman.

We also nicknamed her Snow Cone ... or Snowky for short.


lynnie said...

i'm still shivering.

Fianna37 said...