Monday, September 22, 2008

Lord of the Squirrels: Part 5

High up in the boughs of Malverne's mighty oaks—just 5 minutes away from being "perfect" according to resident squirrel chef, Emeril Squirlgossi—our hero is allowed a last visit from his one true love: the raven-haired, button-nosed, apple-cheeked, disturbingly-square-shouldered Lyn.

Yes, one last visit.
One last chance to look into each other's eyes...
One last chance to express their love...
One last chance to say ... "goodbye."

Lyn says nothing however. After 13 years together, no words need be spoken. She and our hero's hearts are one. Being in each other's presence is enough—enough to last an eternity.

And gazing into his bloodshot hazel eyes, she knows that there is nothing that can ruin this moment.


Until Jim speaks...

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