Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Visions of a jIMPERFECT future

How can I become a full-time comic strip writer? According to Dilbert creator Scott Adams, he sent in fifty strips to the newspaper syndicates and was eventually given a contract. Now, I am more than aware that jIMPERFECT, in its present R-rated form, would never get picked up for national syndication. And I have no intention of changing the strip without a monetary offer to do so. But if I want to avoid this Catch-22, I have to make a change. So what I am going to do is offer up "clean" fixes for each strip placed below the originals (not drawn out, just written) to show that jIMPERFECT can be just as funny as it is "wholesome." I still prefer my warped, line-crossing versions—and I suspect many of you may feel the same way.

I am also planning on going back and cleaning up the older drawings when I get my new version of photoshop—and replacing my hand-written cartoon bubbles and text with professional looking ones (as some of them already have).

It's not easy trying to write/draw a daily strip. You have to think them out in advance, refine them, draw them, scan them, clean them up, convert them to GIFs and then upload them to the blog. It is all very time-consuming—something I don't have much of thanks to a full-time job and family. But I'm going to continue. I hope you will all keep tagging along. I'm really enjoying it. And your comments and quips add to that enjoyment.


FrannyPants said...

Censorship causes blindness. You need to think bigger...start your own online comic magazine a la The Onion. Don't censor yourself. F*ck Dilbert.

Anonymous said...

you are a sellout.

Fianna37 said...

cyanide and happiness are truly wrong and yet so good...that their following is intense. keep it your over the line style...screw print...web is where its at. trust me.

JIMBO said...

Ooooo...the passion! Just to be clear, I'm still doing them my way. I'm just saying that as a mortgage paying, car owning, 39-year old husband and father in desperate need of a new vacuum and more $3.96-a-gallon oil for his home, selling-out is not a bad thing if it enables me to keep said home and be there with my family.

All that being said, I present to you my horoscope for today (from my Excite page):
"Other people have a stake in what you are working on, and you need to let them be a part of your thought process. Share what you have been thinking, ask them for their input, and really listen hard when they give you their honest feedback. Your life is a solo journey to some extent, but it's so much richer and rewarding if you can let other people play a significant part. Getting too deep into your own head will limit your options and slow you down."

FYI: There is no "too deep" into my head. Very very shallow with a sign that says: No diving!