Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lipotripsy Week #1


JIMBO said...

*A word from the creator: this strip is meant to be nothing but fun. The political view/agenda of this particular cartoon may or may not be my official opinion. While I present jIMPERFECT as close to my real life as possible, I try not to express my political or religious beliefs within this strip. Other people do it with more conviction and passion. Me? I want to laugh. And this is a place to laugh. So please enjoy it for what it is.

The irony of this cartoon is that I really did go to the ER a few hours after I posted it last night because of "intestinal blockage." One enema later and I'm on the road to recovery. Couldn't help but think of this strip as I sat for an hour with no doctor in sight.

Shane said...

Thank you for the afterthought. I was about to lobby Washington in defense of health care reform, based on this jIMPERFECT cartoon.