Thursday, August 27, 2009

1 Year Anniversary

Today marks 1 year at jIMPERFECT.
I can't tell you how proud I am of it and myself—considering I'm not getting paid to do it. It is strictly a project of love. But I'm not sure how long I would've continued without all of you out there who visit/comment on/follow the blog. I think all artists and writers do what they do because they feel a need to create. I mean, look at me, I'm almost 40 and haven't made a dime off of anything—but I still write and draw. Why? I enjoy it. It's in my blood, I guess—to entertain and tell stories. But knowing you guys are out there partaking of my jIMPERFECT world makes it all the more worthwhile.

Your favorite jIMPERFECTIONS:
A friend of mine commented the other day how much he liked ice cream week (which wasn't exactly one of my favorites, because I felt I could've done a little more with it). I also know that a bunch of you loved Porno Pete (which for me, was a throwaway character I just whipped up). I personally love the more surreal moments (Chris in his womb, Jim's testes getting nuts, Morty made into a huge penis), but there are normal ones I adore too. So what are some of YOUR favorite jIMPERFECT moments/weeks. I'd love to hear them.


john slender said...

My all time fav:

Professor Fanny M. Wilson, III said...

My fave is probably "bacon makes the heart grow fonder." LOVED Bacon Jim.

Fianna37 said...

Valentine's Day and Chris at the strip club are my favorites.

A close second is the tribute to Farrah.

lynnie said...

porno pete, chris at the strip club, and ice cream truck jim are up there. anniversary week with lyn was awesome. anything with coop. yeah, this is your biased wife speaking.

donald draper said...

btw, jimbo in the mad men poster? BRILIIANCE. love that one too.

JIMBO said...

Thanks, guys.