Friday, November 28, 2008

Tech question...sort of

I do jIMPERFECT on a Mac and view them on both Safari and Firefox and size the cartoons to a perfect (or nearly perfect) fit on my Mac. But I recently viewed them on my brother-in-law's pc laptop and they are too big. I had to scroll down to see the entire pic when clicked.

My question: How do the majority of the toons appear to you guys. Should I make them a little smaller? I would really appreciate the input.


Prof. wilson said...

I view them on a PC at home and a Mac at work. Some fit the screen perfectly, some are big and I have to scroll. Hope that helps!

Cips said...

Hey Jim,
They look great on my Mac...if anything, I'd like to see them a bit larger actually :) I believe I have a 20 inch screen. I'm loving them! Keep up the great work! Cips