Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I LOVE the movies. I have over 300 DVDs—and I don't just own them for owning's sake like some people who buy DVDS because they're either brand new or were a blockbuster. I love almost every one of my DVDs. I've seen most of them about 3 to 6 times—some of my favorites, I've seen a dozen or more times. There's always something new to find upon multiple viewings. So I plan to do a series of Jimperfect comics based on movies like the one below.

However, I've shown the following cartoon to a number of people and it never fails—not one of them has ever seen the movie it's mimicing: Christopher Nolan's brilliant film Memento. So the joke of the cartoon goes over their head. Hopefully you've seen the film and will get the joke. If you know me, it's even funnier ... or maybe it isn't.
Click on the pic for a larger view.


fianna said...

you'll have to update this to say, your a wonderful dad, a loving husband and a helluvah guy who goes over the top with jokes. love the memento poster.


an anonymous cousin said...

Ooh ooh. Good movie!! And all the better when associating it with you and your shirt off.